For over 25 years, DURNAN GROUP INC has been the LEADER in New York Real Estate Workers' Compensation. We work with over 50 brokers as producers for our program and it’s our relationship with them that is key to our success. In addition to offering competitive commissions, our program help you grow and maintain your existing book of business. The Workers' Compensation coverage we facilitate through NYSIF delivers to your clients the lowest cost for the highest value.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that all your questions - and your clients' questions - will be answered by a knowledgeable team with decades of NYSIF experience. We take all the hassles out of troubleshooting because we can, in most cases, anticipate problems before they happen and we're great at fixing the ones that surface unexpectedly, too.

We also handle many policies in the general group at NYSIF for various industries. We work with you to service your clients needs: Claims service, Loss Control, Audits.