DURNAN GROUP INC manages the largest, most successful Workers' Compensation Safety Group for Real Estate in New York State. We have saved our members over $400 million. We have achieved this success by the following: 

  • ELIGIBLE CODES - Building Operations Residential (Code 9028) and Building Operations Commercial (Code 9026)


  • DIVIDEND - 10 Year average dividend is 25%.

  • ELLIGIBILTY - To become a member of the group you must demonstrate a track record of a safe workplace.

  • IN-HOUSE CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION - Prompt and proper claims procedure allows the group and employer reduce their cost. Durnan Group In House claims specialists deal with the employer, employee, doctors' offices, NYSIF and the WCB throughout the claims process.

  • ON-SITE LOSS CONTROL - Durnan Group's onsite OSHA certified trainers work directly with building employees to insure a safe working environment.

  • CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE - Certificate requests are processed on the same day.

All of these together allow each member to participate in the UP-FRONT GROUP DISCOUNT of 25%. In addition, each member is eligible for a DIVIDEND. While a dividend is not guaranteed, we have issued a DIVIDEND every year since the program started in 1994. Our 10-year DIVIDEND average is 25%. This is a check sent directly to the Safety Group policyholder/group member.